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Attune people to understand quality, needs and aspirations


Companies and people valued on the basis of their uniqueness, diversity and attitude


Projects completed with greatly reduced time for reasons of urgency


Complete adaptation to any particular situation or contingency


Each work should not just be done well, but to perfection.

Architettura Risorse Umane

ARU is an agency specialised in integrated management consulting services, organisation, evaluation and Human Resources selection.

ARU, in addition to numerous highly specialised internal resources, academic profiles and business excellence, works with specialists, in Canton of Ticino, in Switzerland and abroad; this allows it to manage complex projects on an international scale.

Top-level partners such as ISPA, Right Management, PTO complement the quality and wide-range of services offered by ARU.


  • We improve

    ARU brings improvement in organizational aptitude and psychological-motivational character.

  • We intervene

    We guarantee the function of every single component from corporate human resources.

  • We synchronize

    Align both the manager and the employee to the company culture and values.

  • We satisfy

    Full customer satisfaction at the end of the personalised path.

Some of our testimonials

ARU is synonymous with professionalism. We are very pleased to be able to count on the support, skills and empathy in our team in our task of accompanying qualified personnel during a delicate period of transition. The great experience and contact with the territory of ARU give an indispensable added value, producing excellent results.

 Cristina Bond
Cristina BondRegional director, InnoPark Svizzera SA

The collaboration with ARU has always been excellent from all points of view. Thanks to an available and knowledgeable Team, which has always worked with great professionalism, we succeeded in a short time to find the right resources to be included in our workforce. We are very satisfied with the results and we will not hesitate to make use of its services at need.

S.F.HRBP Swisscom Ticino

I thank the whole team at ARU for having performed their work with the same care and dedication that I would do myself, but with much more skill and experience. This allowed me to not have to worry about something that I knew to be in very good hands, letting me focus on what I had to do.

Luciano Ambrogi
Luciano AmbrogiTicicom SA

Thanks to the excellent work done, the selection of candidates was simple. We found courtesy, punctuality, seriousness and competence in the performance of the appointments. We would without a doubt recommend ARU and its team.

P.CConsultant HR PostFinance

I had the opportunity to know Guido and his staff during a training course that I attended at ARU. Guido is a person who transmits energy, is competent and practical. He is definitely an expert on the complexity that lies in human resources management and is always looking for something new and for new ideas, which he manages to convey to his listeners with passion. I was really enthusiastic about the two days spent in ARU and I had the opportunity to test other offered services including Outplacement. Also on this occasion, Guido proved not only to be a professional, but also a person with great empathy, bringing the person I had directed to him a professional and personal recovery.

Marco Longoni
Marco LongoniHead of Human Resources Helsinn Healthcare SA

I have used the services of ARU on several occasions. The element that I most enjoyed was the very professional approach to allow to emerge with a series of questions on the structure of my team and my personality characteristics, so as to be able to understand my needs. I am satisfied with the service provided because ARU helped me find the right people to fit into my team.

Enzo Filippini
Enzo FilippiniCEO Ofconsulting SA , Savosa

What is expressed by ARU corresponds with a very positive evaluation by me (us), both in terms of the quality of the partners, and the availability and promptness. Occasionally I have experiences with other professionals in the sector, both to verify the quality and to diversify suppliers, as we are a public company. My assessment is, therefore, not the result of a limited observation but rather has been built up over time, and well deserved on your part.”

P. Luraschi
P. LuraschiMedical sector

Some of our customers

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